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Fabulous food demands exceptional drinks. We are proud to showcase an outstanding selection of champagnes, prosecco, wines and spirits to surprise and delight your guests. An enticing range of wines from around the world have been combined with the very best in home-grown British sparkling wines, beers, gins and spirits.


Simply select the drinks you wish to offer your guests for your reception and dining and we will do the rest.


Post dinner a cash bar will open and so your guests can party the night away, enjoying a fully stocked bar at no further cost to yourselves. If you want to lavish your guests then you are welcome to open a bar tab or place some cash behind the bar.


A year round wedding destination unlike any other, we welcome you and your guests to experience an intimate home from home wedding in a spectacular setting. Our family run team offers a familar, relaxed and tailor made service, right from your very first visit to your last spin on the dancefloor.

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